What a breach of word !
In 1991, Russia contractually guaranteed the sovereignty of its neighbor Ukraine. The zombie Putin now wants to wipe out his contractual partner as a state with a murderous war and integrate it into his "empire".

February 2023

Putin's war against the Ukraine, based on outrageous lies, has been going on for a year now. There is no end in view.
The fact is that Putin and some other zombies are steering this Russia with its sympathetic but indoctrinated people into the abyss.

No country (e.g. China or Iran) should support the aggressor Putin-Russia with arms. It won't change anything, they'll just have served a confused aggressor.
Putin will not achieve his imperial goals. Russia will suffer great political and economic damage with this cruel war against Ukraine.

By the way, the Putin-madness will not end until Belarus has lost the rest of its independence and will be part of Russia again through a "special operation" and/or "referendum".

Russia should wake up and switch out Putin as well his complices.