An incredible process ?


October 2022 -- My sympathy for Iran is shaken if it is true that the regime supports the abominable aggressor Putin-Russia by supplying suicide drones for the destruction of civilian infrastructure in the Ukraine.

Iran now has declared its willingness to hold bilateral meetings with Ukraine over allegations of Russia's use of Iranian drones in the Ukraine war. Tehran opposes the war in Ukraine and refuses to take direct part in the conflict.
Iran's Foreign Minister Hussein Amirabdollahian said in a phone call with his Ukrainian counterpart Dmytro Kuleba, according to the Foreign Ministry's website in Tehran. "We deny the allegations in this regard and are also prepared to discuss and resolve this in bilateral technical meetings with Kyiv," the Iranian diplomat was quoted as saying. (
2022, October 29 by dpa-AFX)

Iran has now admitted to supplying drones to Russia. Foreign Minister Hussein Amirabdollahian said on the Islamic Republic had provided Russia with a limited number of drones ahead of the war in Ukraine, state-run IRNA news agency reported. However, the diplomat denied further deliveries of arms after the start of the Russian war of aggression and the provision of missiles.

Opinion: Iran should not support the aggressor Putin-Russia with arms. It is not beneficial for Iran. It won't change anything. Russia will suffer great political and economic damage with this war against Ukraine and Iran would be discredited. On the contrary, this or another regime should do something in the interest of its people to reach a reconciliation with the USA.

By the way, the Putin-madness will not end until Belarus has lost the rest of its independence and will be part of Russia again through a "special operation" and/or a "referendum".
Russia should wake up and shut off Putin as well the other zombies.