What are North Korea's "Iskander" like missiles really

It are extended single-stage variants of  the "Pukguksong-1" as GLBM-

Norbert Brügge, Germany


2022, Jan. 17 -- Again a launch of PS GLBM-1

2021, October 12 --
PS GLMB-1  ?

2020, March 21 --
A third launch of two projectiles on this day.



2019, Aug. 16 -- A second launch of two projectiles on this day.


2019, Aug. 10
-- North Korea launched two projectiles into the East Sea. The projectiles are “presumed to be ballistic missiles,” said U.S. and South Korean authorities. They will analyzing the “precise” specification of the projectiles (KN-24).


  It is not to overview that the new missile is based on the small Pukguksong-1 SLBM. It is quasi a single-stage PS-1 (without adding a segment like the "PS GLBM-2").  Details here.
The launch takes place from a 8-axles tracked vehicle with two parallel mounted box-shaped containers without bottom. These are lifted hydraulically at a specific angle before launching. The "PS GLBM-1" is about 7.2m long and 1.1m in diameter. It has nothing to do with the small ATACMS.


They confuse us again with
 incorrectly manipulated photos


Here a useful attempt to determine the height of the container by means of wheel diameter