US-Iran Conflict:

Norbert Brügge, Germany

- Table of contents -

"Front Altair"

"Adrian Darya"

Iranian-Yemeni cruise missiles
Ghassem Soleimani
Israeli Natanz attack






Part 3:
Smallsat Launcher activities

Part 4:
Chinese companies




Sahara Trekking  *  Remarks and analyses to found geological structures and phenomena


Non-impact origin of the Libyan Desert Glass (LDG)


Are volcanic glasses and tektites of the same origin ?




Why the Chicxulub-impact was an explosive supervolcano event 1908

Coming: An electric discharge between the earth surface and a hot plasma ?

Why we can interpret the Chesapeake Bay structure also as a supervolcano




Die Foraminiferen-Fauna im Unterkarbonischen Kohlenkalk aus dem ehem. Steinbruch "Buschteich" bei Löhma/Thüringen

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